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Our network is strong in the following industries:

  • Electric Mobility
  • Renewable Energy
  • Medical Engineering
  • Life Sciences

and in the disciplines:

  • Market Research
  • Communication
  • Web Sites /
    Web Applications


Product Management and Project Management

Whenever you want to launch new products onto the market or check the positioning of established products - vobiscon/Volker Josel supports you in product management and project management.


  • Optimal product design
  • Products perfectly fitting to the market needs
  • Efficient product commercialization


vobiscon Productmanagement vobiscon Projectmanagement



Product Management

Optimal design, positioning and commercialization of products.

To achieve growth in sales and profits, vobiscon/Volker Josel supports you in the more exact understanding of the customers' needs, in the better positioning of products and in more focused marketing activities.

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Project Management - Innovation

In tailored projects vobiscon/Volker Josel supports you in the development of new products to profit from trends and opportunities in growing industries.

  • Gain new business
  • Introduce your product/your service successfully into the market
  • Increase the value of your company


Founders and Start-ups

We are dedicated to founders and start-ups and pass on our experience through coaching.