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(E-booklet, 36 pages, in German)

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Documents for download

  download Strategisches Marketing/Positionierung
A presentation (in German) about a typical Positioning and Marketing project
  download PEI - Product Evaluierung and Implementation
for (complex) products in B2B environment
(Presentation in German)
  download Geschäftsgenerator Messe
Speech (in German) about the professional organization of trade show stands. Held February 5th, 2009 at BioM-Technica 2009 in Munich Martinsried
  download Business Motor Trade Show
Presentation (in English) about the professional organization of trade
show stands
  download "Der Zeitschriftencheck"
A specialized process to evaluate professional journals (Presentation in German)
  download How to establish an Economic Charging Infrastructure for E-Vehicles
(Presentation in German held at the Munich E-Monday session at Nov. 29, 2010)