Projects (Examples)

Expertise / Know-how

Product Management: Evaluation of situation, market analysis, customer requirement analysis, desk research, field research, field interviews, SWOT analysis, management of external and internal feedback, product positioning, pricing, service and sales strategy definition, market introduction, communication

Strategy Development and Implementation: Setup and repositioning of businesses, start-up planning, business development, growth strategies, marketing, sales

Life Science and Medical Engineering: Interfacing to regulatory and QS-experts

Sales and Service Strategy

Business Development

Focus Industries: B2B, Capital Goods, Robotics and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Software, Medical Engineering, LifeScience, Renewable Energy, Electric-Mobility, Consumables



Start-up: Supplier of a Medical Device

  • Set-up of business
  • Definition of the business idea
  • Market research and work out of the market-positioning
  • Stakeholder reviews
  • Key contributor to the product concepts, business system, user-benefit-considerations and business plan
  • Key contributor to the business set-up

Software for Robotics

  • Definition and execution of sales strategy
  • Evaluation of market opportunities at potential European key customers
  • Acquisition of multipliers and resellers
  • Establishment of contacts and caring existing customers
  • Formulation of a consistent set of sales arguments to prepare the market evaluation
  • Systematic inquiry of key customers' feedback and achievement of important agreements

High End Printing Industry

  • Built-up and management of a German dealer channel
  • Development and implementation of a dealer strategy adapted to the German market
  • Formulation of a consistent set of sales arguments
  • Research of potential dealers fitting to profile
  • Acquisition of dealers and negotiation of dealer-agreements
  • Acting as Country Manager
  • Training of dealers
  • Steering and supporting dealers in their daily business according to the scheduled targets

System Integrator in Robotics

  • Research of potential customers fitting to profile
  • Formulation of a consistent set of sales arguments
  • Establishment of contacts

Manufacturer of Sensors and Transmitters

  • Evaluation of new markets / definition of market entry strategies
  • Workshop: Review and agreement on project plan
  • Internet and desk-research / field-interviews
  • Research of market-demand, potential customers, competitive environment, , legal environment in the new markets
  • Definition of the respective R&D-, product-, sales- and market-entry-strategies including timeline, budget and resource plan
  • Final presentation

Manufacturer of Laser Marking Systems

  • Workshop: Prerequisites for the entry into the medical device market
  • Review of the existing quality management system
  • Work out and agreement on the necessary steps for the implementation of a respective documentation standard and also for the adaptation of the quality management according to DIN / ISO
  • Work out and agreement on the questions to be answered with respect to markets, (potential) customers, applications and quantities
  • Project plan, agreement on next steps

Evaluation and re-positioning of Professional Journals

  • Systematic inquiry of customers' feedback
  • Competitive comparison of the product features and the respective online / print offers
  • Management reports to prepare the decisions for the further proceedings in the respective markets

Manufacturer of Solar Panels

  • Evaluation of market opportunities at potential German customers
  • Systematic inquiry of customers' feedback
  • Competitive comparison of the product features and the manufacturer's total supply
  • Drafting modes of cooperation, achievement of first agreements, then hand-over to the manufacturer's sales organization

Charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

  • Formulation of a consistent set of sales arguments
  • Establishment of contacts and agreements for common projects
  • Establishment of contacts in the respective networks
  • Systematic inquiry of key customers' feedback
  • Input for the business strategy
  • Winning important reference customers

Short Run Publication Systems

  • Establishment of contacts to suppliers of key components
  • Systematic inquiry of feedback at potential reference customers
  • Market Research photographic silver halide paper
  • Input for a machine specification

Medical Lab Device

  • Acting as a mediator in the negotiation between the company and R&D partners
    Result: Important basis for a win/win situation.
  • Evaluation of market opportunities at potential key customers in Europe and in the USA
  • Establishment of contacts
  • Formulation of a consistent set of sales arguments based on in-house information to prepare the market evaluation
  • Systematic inquiry of key customers' feedback and achievement of important agreements
  • Management report to prepare the decision for the further proceeding in the market


Customer Statements


BURGARDsoft Softwareentwicklung & Webdesign

We asked vobiscon to define the positioning of our company. In several intensive workshops Volker Josel helped us to work out the key elements of our offer.

To get a clear picture about our USP we systematically evaluated our market feedback. The results of this evaluation were also very useful for our entire external communication and for sales meetings with customers. In addition we now have a detailed roll out schedule for the further development of our services.

In the future we will keep on cooperating with vobiscon / Volker Josel, both as business partner and for the further development of our products. In addition we recommend the services of vobiscon to any other medium sized company.

Thomas Burgard
Geschäftsinhaber BURGARDsoft Softwareentwicklung & Webdesign
München, Deutschland

Convergent Information Technologies

Convergent Information Technologies GmbH is an expert for SoftwareTools with which robots can be programmed 10-100 times faster compared to conventional methods. We also provide software solutions which enable robots to program themselves.

vobiscon prepared us for difficult negotiations in an efficient and straightforward way, as well as providing us with strategic advice. In general it is difficult to assess the effect of a consultancy, but in our case the consultancy paid itself back 20 times over. In addition we will re-use the acquired expertise in future negotiations.

Thus we already have scheduled to support vobiscon in 2010.

Dr. Christof Eberst
Geschäftsführer Convergent Information Technologies GmbH
Steyr, Österreich


Als mittelständische Firmengruppe bietet die KS SYSTEC Systemlösungen in Metall und Kunststoff. Wir bieten Konstruktion, Produktion und Serviceleistungen rund um Geräte und Baugruppen an. Eines unserer primären Geschäftsfelder ist die Medizintechnik.

Wir haben in der jüngsten Vergangenheit gute Erfahrungen mit den Diensten des Herrn Josel gemacht.

In einer Verhandlung mit Entwicklungspartnern spielte er als ausdauernder Verhandler eine sehr wichtige Vermittlerrolle. Er lotete die Einigungsspielräume beider Seiten aus und schuf so bei einer schwierigen Ausgangsposition eine wichtige Grundlage für eine Win/Win Situation.

Für ein Laborgerät aus der Medizintechnik ermittelte Herr Josel die Marktchancen bei unseren potenziellen europäischen und US amerikanischen Schlüsselkunden und stellte die Erstkontakte her.

In Vorbereitung der Markterhebung entwickelte Herr Josel auf der Basis unserer bis dato vorliegenden Informationen eine schlüssige Vertriebsargumentation. Er erhob bei den Kundenbesuchen systematisch das Kundenfeedback und erzielte wichtige Vereinbarungen. Damit schuf er eine ausgezeichnete Grundlage für unsere Entscheidungen zum weiteren Vorgehen in diesem Markt.

Bei diesem Gerät stehen wir kurz vor einer Entscheidung über für den Markteintritt. Sollten wir in diesen Markt gehen, werden wir Herrn Josel für dieses Gerät als Handelsvertreter engagieren.

Tobias Schmidbauer
Geschäftsführer der KS SYSTEC Dr. Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG

Professional Experience of Volker Josel

Voler Josel


Volker Josel



18 years experience from international management assignments in Munich, Zurich, Lisbon and Helsinki. Worked with leading companies offering investment goods and chemical consumables.

Head of Marketing - Photo Lab-Equipment Manufacturer

Positioning of a spin-off company as an independent and relevant player in the market

Head of Product Management Unit - Photo Lab-Equipment Manufacturer

Establishing a new product line of lab-equipment based on an entirely new technology. Obtaining market leadership.

Product Management for Silicone Rubber

Strategy definition for silicone products dedicated to medical devices.