Product Management




"...turn features to value"



Optimal design, positioning and commercialization of products

To achieve growth in sales and profits, vobiscon/Volker Josel supports you in the more exact understanding of the customers' needs, in the better positioning of products and in more focused marketing activities.

Typical customers of vobiscon/Volker Josel are small and mid-sized B2B companies, such as:

  • Producers of technical or complex products
  • Service providers
  • Start-ups and founders


Our Approach:

Already at an early stage we cooperate with your key customers and reference customers. So we obtain an exact picture of their needs and also an in depth understanding of the actual value of product features. Consequently the product design and communication will exactly tailored to their needs. "...turn features to value"

Systematically and efficiently we will make use of your in-house information,

And, we come up with targeted and focused action plans.


Your Benefit:

  • Better understanding of the customers' needs
  • More precise and efficient management of R&D activities
  • Product designs fitting to the markets
  • Focused marketing activities
  • Growing sales and profits


Our Methods:

PEI – Product Evaluation and Implementation

For (complex) products in the B2B environment

  • Creation of new markets
  • Focused market activities
  • Minimization of time-to-market
  • Creation of relevant benefits and avoiding "nice to haves"
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Der Zeitschriftencheck

A specialized process to evaluate professional journals

  • Effective mix of Online/Offline offers
  • More readers
  • ore subscribers
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